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TUTORIAL GAMBAS V2 (Getting Started with Gambas Version 2 )

Written By riza falefi on Sabtu, 02 Februari 2013 | 05.36

This is a simple Getting Started with Gambas Tutorial. It is intended for first time programmers who want to gain some idea of the capabilities of Gambas. You can then see if this is the development environment that they would like to learn more fully. It will also be useful for Visual Basic programmers who are moving from Windows to Linux. Traditionally on Unix based systems like Linux you used a number of tools to develop an application. So you used a code editor, possibly a user interface designer, a compiler and other tools. You preformed each stage of the development process with the relevant tool. This process can work, after all much of Linux was built this way. It does have the advantage that if you do not like one tool
then you can replace just that tool with something you do like. But it can also have the disadvantage of compatibility issues when the output of one tool does not fit the required input for another tool. It also makes it difficult for new developers to learn the required steps to produce professional looking application. To overcome these problems there are now a number of Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Linux. IDE's include all the tools you need to develop applications within one framework. They have been very popular on other operating systems and developers moving to Linux expect to find similar IDE's. Two of the most used IDE's on Linux are KDevelop and MonoDevelop. KDevelop is an IDE for creating C and C++ applications and for using scripting languages. MonoDevelop is an IDE for developing .NET application using languages like C# and VisualBasic.NET and others. Gambas is a IDE for Visual Basic on Linux. You can build most kinds of Linux application with Gambas. However Gambas is especially strong at providing Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) types of applications. They can be stand alone applications or front ends to a server or database. Gambas provides all the tools you would normally expect in a IDE. It has a form designer where you can drag controls and components onto your forms to develop your user interface. It also has a project manager, a code editor, a code explorer and an integrated help system. You can also compile, run and debug your applications from within Gambas. It is open source and so fits in with the Linux philosophy. Gambas also has a strong user community. There are a number of useful forums where new users can get help. There is an active Gambas mailing list. If there are bugs with Gambas then, in my experience, they are rapidly corrected. See the Gambas Resources section below. Gambas is definitely a Visual Basic for Linux. It is not simply a port of Microsoft Visual Basic to Linux. However Windows users of Visual Basic (at least up to version 6) will find much in this environment that is familiar.

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