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how to make solar power and benefits for the earth

Written By riza falefi on Senin, 20 Juni 2011 | 02.51

The condition of our earth more and more pathetic because of the effects of environmental contamination
greenhouse (greenhouse effect) that cause global warming, acid rain,
destruction of the ozone layer to the loss of tropical forests. All types of pollution that the average
result of the use of fossil fuels such as petroleum, uranium, plutonium, stone
coal and other never-ending. Yet we know that from fossil fuels
can not be updated, unlike non-fossil fuels.

With such a condition that is cause for concern, the movement of energy-efficient
is a necessity throughout the world. One of them with fuel-saving
and use fuel from non-fossil renewable energy such as
wind, hydropower, geothermal energy, solar, and others. World was already
changing trends of production and use of fuel, from fossil fuel switching to
non-fossil fuels, particularly solar power is not unlimited.Solar Power Generation System (SPGS) will be more desirable because they can be used for anything and anywhere: largebuildings, factories,
housing, and others. In addition to unlimited supply, solar poweralmost without
adverse impacts on the environment than other fuels. In countries
advanced industries such as Japan, the United States, andseveral countries in Europe with
the help of subsidies from the government has launchedprograms to
promote solar power. Not only that in countries
developed such as India, the Mongol campaigns use energysources that can
This continues to be updated. To further investigate what the power plant
Our solar or short with SPGS it will be explained in this paper
briefly the components that make up SPGS, electrical powersystems
solar technologies and trends that exist.

how to make a solar panel
to make your own solar power is easy,material that is needed is:
1. copper plate
2. Electric stove with a hot enough power 1100watt/gas
3. clear container with a mouth wide enough
4. sensitive ammeter
5. alligator clips
6. tap water
7. salt


1. place 1 sheet of copper plate (size adjusted to the container)directly above the stove (without pads) and burned. continue toburn until the color orange, purple and reddish. the more heat it will appear black layer but will be off by itself.

2. Let continue to burn until the black coating which appears quite thick, about half an hour. after half an hour turn off the stoveand allow the copper to cool slowly (let the open-air) cooling tooquickly because if the black coating will stick strongly. leave until the black coating off by itself (not the troublemakers).

3. after cold usually black layer will largely escape. wipe gentlyusing your hands or a tissue, do not rub too hard.

4. prepare another copper plate (which is not burned) that has been resized. Similarly prepare a container containing a solution of salt with tap water.

5. enter two copper plates separately and not in contact with each other to a solution of salt, some go into solution and some not submerged, pinch parts are not submerged with alligator clipsand connect with a sensitive ammeter. (see picture below)

6. if the two exposed copper will display a small electric currentwhen not illuminated then there is no current appears. now wehave to make your own solar power.

benefits of solar power for life
benefits of solar power for life
so many benefits of solar power is one of them is that we canreduce the adverse environmental impacts, such sperti reduceozone depletion and can also help the economy of a region to bebetter because of using a solar power system will mean we haveto make savings.

keep guard of the earth that we live in is.

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